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Cover story | February 9, 2020

Firewalls to Separate Personal From Professional

Firewalls to Separate Personal From Professional

New principles will govern workplace usage of personal devices. Safeguards will be critical to avoid blurring the divide

Purpose Beyond Profit

Companies' outlook will expand to ensuring that business stays committed to community, consumer and the planet

Welcome the Growing Tribe of Gig Workers

More people are going to be engaged in work outside the formal workforce than inside it

Digital to Give an Edge

Policymakers, regulators and industries must collectively invest in development of new agile learners by improving education and training systems

Learning Will Be Customised

Skilling programmes need to be rapid, flexible and highly personalised. Organisations need to instill a culture of continuous learning

Say Hello to the Robo Worker

Use of high technology in manufacturing is not a job killer as we have believed for years. It can be an engine for all-round growth and prosperity

The Eight-hour Workday is Dead

Millennials are used to a sense of freedom, flexibility and control over their lives. By simply voting with their feet they will drive this behaviour. And office architecture is rapidly changing, to provide greater collaboration, openness, less hierarchy, driven by this need for informality and ideation

Towards Mind-positive Workplaces

Focus will be on protecting a company's most precious asset - the emotional well-being of employees

Greater Polarisation in Pay from On-demand Economy

The widening vocational demand-supply gap and poor employability after higher education will skew wages in favour of vocational work

Future of Work

Leading experts on the radical changes in jobs, workplace, skills, privacy and employee well-being

AI: A Job Killer or Creator?

New technologies create completely new markets that could not have existed before

Offices to Foster Collaboration

Technology will help support a wide range of work styles, especially flexible working or co-working

Time to Build a New People Pyramid

A pyramid denotes age, experience-led hierarchy, timed progression and thus a degree of inertia and age-led journey to the top. We need to challenge that

Governance by Productivity

For jobs within the government, relevance must take precedence over size and quantity

Humans as More Sentient Social Species

Social, emotional and ethical capacities may turn out to be more important than the intellectual capacities

Snackable Learning Modules Coming

In an era of lifelong training and re-skilling to keep abreast of opportunities and threats, businesses and employees need to enable continuous 'Byte' learning

Acceleration Towards Start-up Culture

Agility, fast decision-making and willingness to experiment will help staid and process-oriented sectors such as banking transform

February 9, 2020

Editor's Note


Messages to Give in Budget '20

Budget 2020 comes in the wake of very low expectations. For most, businesses would be happier if Budget 2020 didn't harm them any further after the DeMo and GST shocks

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"You Have to Protect Your Resource-generating Engine"

Harsh C. Mariwala, Chairman, Marico

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Housing Sales Down, but Prices Up

Sales in major Indian cities fell 15% from 47 million sq. ft. in October 2018 to 40 million sq. ft. in the same month of 2019

Farm Product Prices on Fire

Prices of major food commodities have been surging

The Great Indian ATM Divide

Private sector banks have installed the largest number of ATM machines in metro cities and urban areas while public sector banks have sharper focus on rural areas

Rural India Bottoming Out

There are enough signs that India's rural sector is on the path to recovery

Private Banks Beat PSBs Hands Down

Private banks' loans and advances grew 25% in 2018/19

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Here are some tips for smart tax planning in 2020

Smart Lending

P2P lending is emerging as an attractive investment option in the debt segment promising 15-20 per cent returns