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Cover story | November 3, 2019

Surviving Slowdown

Surviving Slowdown

Leading B-schools are confident that the economic slowdown will not hit them, but other schools are concerned

November 3, 2019

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The Tough Get Going

Just as we strive harder to innovate, India's business schools are innovating, too. BT's Special Issue on India's Best B-schools makes its way in one of the toughest economic environments in decades

Leadership Spotlight



A consumer specialist, he is known for finding gaps and building brands which fulfil crucial needs of consumers. He played a key role in the company's acquisition of Godrej Nature's Basket

The Buzz


Belling The Cat

The time is ripe to overhaul cooperative banks quite like what the government did with state-owned banks

'Zero Fee' War

Unlike in the US, brokerages in India earn a large chunk of revenues via commissions. US brokerages earn interest on idle cash in trading accounts and receive fee from exchanges for creating liquidity

AI For Smart Crime-Fighting

The Gurgaon-based company works with armed forces, law enforcement agencies and the private sector to beef up threat detection and predictive policing

Unequal Equation

Though no one is now expecting the government to stick to its fiscal deficit targets, the numbers do make the fiscal situation look worse

An Open Book

FSSAI has often been criticised for partnering with private organisations and companies with apparent conflict of interests for various awareness campaigns related to health and food habits

Boosting Valuations

With the latest round of investments worth $1.5 billion in Oyo Hotels and Homes, the homegrown chain has caught everyone's attention

Double-Edged Sword

Domestic industry is vehemently opposing this mega FTA as it fears a surge in cheap imports, especially from China

Battle To Be On Board

With the company working towards listing in a definitive time frame and Walmart bolstering the company's compliance standards to prepare for an IPO, it would not be surprising to see another big name on the board

Breach Of Trust

Even if Manpasand's promoters get a clean chit, it will be difficult to revive trust in their brand

Get Set For Power Supplier Porting

The Central government is planning to amend the Electricity Act, 2003 to bring in more reforms to protect both consumers and investors in the sector

The Hub


Mixed Signals

Business confidence rises a bit as business leaders expect improvement in economic growth following the corporate tax rate cut. Their willingness to invest and the outlook for private consumption remain weak though, finds the latest Business Today-C fore Business Confidence Survey.

'India Should Not Rely On Catching Companies Moving Out Of China'

In almost 50 years of existence, the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum (WEF) has been a sought after networking platform for global leaders in business, politics and civil society. The organisation remains relevant even in today's digitally networked world

The Break-Out Zone


Danger On The Road

With the IoT landscape expanding, one cannot ignore the growing risk of cyberattacks on connected cars

Has Tech Stolen Your Mind?

In a world where artificial intelligence is increasingly telling us what to do or how to think, humans must try and stay in control


The foldable phones from Huawei or Microsoft may not be here yet, but you can't go wrong with our pick of cool gadgets to stay tech-happy this festive season

India's Best B-Schools 2019


Ahead Of The Curve

To cater to the business needs of the new-age manager, B-schools are busy experimenting with a mix of offerings other than just adding electives

How We Did It

BT-MDRA best B-school ranking 2019

Not All Survive

Away from the leading schools that have the capacity to sustain even in an economic slowdown, some of the lower-ranking schools are unable to offer differentiation

Think Global, Work Local

Fewer leading B-schools saw international placements this year. They attribute this to better domestic opportunities

Time To Give Back

Alumni engagement is increasing in leading B-schools, at times going beyond financial help

Custom Made

Companies are opting for customised management training programmes for employees

Equal Class

B-schools are trying to fix the gender gap in their classrooms

Push From Within

A few pointers for B-schools on how they can improve outcomes

The Class Divide

The last decade has seen proliferation of IIMs. Not all are equally equipped to make a mark

Learning Curve

The fee at top B-schools has been going up. So are the salaries

Overall Ranking 2019

The B-school survey throws up new winners

Money Today

The Big Spurt

It is raining deals as automakers, dealers and banks want to boost a sluggish market; here is a handy guide to help you with the best deals and loan offers

Festive Cheer

This festival season, real estate players are going all out to woo buyers. Should you go for these special offers?

'New MV Act Has Pushed Up Sales'

Sandbox regulations will play a big role in increasing insurance penetration and awareness, says Ritesh Kumar, MD & CEO, HDFC ERGO General Insurance