Plan to study abroad? Here are the fees at top UK universities

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge offers 30 undergraduate courses, covering more than 65 subject areas.
The best fields of study with their respective course annual fee (for international students) for undergraduate courses are listed below.
  • Mathematics                            £22,482
  • Linguistics                               £20,157
  • History                                    £20,157
  • Philosophy                              £20,157
  • Engineering and technology  £30,678

University of Oxford

Oxford's graduate courses are of high quality and shorter duration than courses offered in other countries. Whether you are doing an undergraduate course or studying for a research programme, you will have an academic supervisor who will provide you guidance and advice.
The best study areas and courses alongwith the annual course fee are as follows:
  • Medicine                                        £26,190                  
  • Philosophy                                     £23,800
  • Modern Languages                        £23,800
  • Geography                                     £23,800
  • English Language and Literature   £23,800
Imperial College of London

Here you can choose from over 100 undergraduate courses from aeronautics to biology to geophysics.
It is renowned for the following courses and streams:

  • Science                                 £31,000
  • Engineering                         £30,250
  • Medicine                               £41,000
  • Business (full-time MBA)       £51,000

University College of London

University College of London is one of the world's leading multi-disciplinary universities, with more than 13,000 staff and 38,000 students from 150 different countries.
The best courses available are:

  • Arts & Humanities                                    £19,390
  • Life Sciences & Medicine                          £33,650
  • Social Sciences & Management               £19,390

London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Scienceoffers a range of different programmes, from undergraduate and graduate study to executive education, distance learning, language study and summer school. Some popular courses to look out for are:
  • Communication And Media Studies           £19,152
  • Anthropology                                            £19,152
  • Accounting and Finance                            £19,152
  • Law                                                          £19,152
  • Economics                                                £19,152
  • Politics                                                     £19,152

King's College London

King's College London is ranked fourth in the UK and 25th in the world for graduate employability, according to a Global Employability University Ranking 2016. Some of the popular courses at King's College London.

  •     Dentistry                                                £9,250
  •     Pharmacy and pharmacology                 £20,600 (Postgrad course)
  •     Law                                                        £20,600
  •     Geography and area studies                  £17,900
  •     Psychology                                              £23,900
  •     Politics and international studies            £17,900

University of Edinburgh

The university is globally recognised for their research and innovation. Some of the best and popular courses on offer are:

  • Biochemistry                                         £29,100 (Postgrad course)
  • Medicine                                               £32,100
  • Veterinary Medicine & Surgery             £30,800

University of Manchester

University of Manchester offers many courses. The most reputed are in the below mentioned fields:

  • Politics and International relations     £18,000
  • Social Anthropology                           £18,000 (Postgrad course)

University of Bristol

University of Bristol is ranked at No. 9 among the other colleges and universities. Its world-class learning experience is a major draw for students. The best course to choose from are:

  • Applied Anatomy                                            £20,300
  • Veterinary Science                                         £28,300
  • Aerospace Engineering                                 £20,300
  • English Language and Foundation Studies   £16,500

University of Warwick
The University of Warwick is believed to have students from over 150 countries. Following are the best courses to pursue:

  • Creative Writing              £18,330
  • Computer science            £23,380
  • Economics                         £23,380
  • Politics                                £18,330
  • Physics and Astronomy   £18,330
Please note
  • The fee given has been taken from the official websites of respected universities
  • The fee varies from year to year and is hiked every year
  • The fee mentioned above is for undergraduate courses, until specifically mentioned