How to install solar panels at home to save on electricity bills

Many homes in India are going solar to save on electricity bills. Depending on the electrical load that you wish to run on solar and your budget, you can choose a number of options:

Solar panels at home
Solar panel installation isn't cheap. The savings you make per month on electricity bills as compared to the traditional methods of electricity will initially go into setting up the system.

How much power to do you need
To set up the whole system, first calculate the total amount of power you'll need to efficiently run your household. Identify if you have a grid-tied or off grid system. Grid-tied systems are interconnected with your existing electrical network, and allows for more options as compared to the off-grid system, which is an independent, battery-based solar PV system.

Things you need
For a rooftop plant you would need solar panels that convert sunshine to DC electricity, inverters that convert DC electricity to AC.
All other things you need:
> Inverters that convert DC electricity to AC
> Solar panels that convert sunshine to DC electricity
> Cables : DC cables convey current from panels to inverters and AC cables from inverters to loads
> Mounting structure: They support the panels on the rooftops Electrical Peripherals. These include Junction Boxes, Earthing, Lightning Arrestors, Conduits etc.
Costs involved
The cost of a rooftop solar PV system depends on the function it serves (to feed power into the grid, to support the load during a power failure, etc.) and incentives/subsidies available.
All solar PV systems function by matching the voltage from some other source. Therefore, the system has to be integrated with the grid, a battery backup, or a diesel generator.

All about PV module
As per Bijli Bachao website, cost of a PV module (just the panel) costs anywhere between Rs 30 to Rs 50 per watt of power generated.
The modules with higher Watt power capacity are cheaper per Wp as compared to modules with lower Watt power capacity. The efficiency of solar panels is also better for modules of higher Watt power as compared to modules of lower Watt power.
There is not much difference in price between imported and Indian solar panels.

Power consumption
If you are living in an area where power cuts are less frequent and you want to implement solar PV system to reduce your electricity bills then the best solution would be to go for a Grid Connected Solar PV System. It will cost you anywhere between 50,000-70,000 per kWp.

Off Grid System
If you are living in an area where there are frequent power cuts, then you should install "Off Grid" Solar PV System. Off Grid Solar PV system will include batteries, which are expensive and would need replacement every few years (4-7 years). A typical Off Grid Solar PV System would cost about Rs 1 lakh.
Types and efficiency
There are two types of Solar PV Cells: Monocrystalline (made of single silicon crystal) and Polycrystalline (Multi-crystalline PV). A monocrystalline is more efficient in converting solar energy into electricity per sq meter area than a multi-crystalline PV. Typical efficiency of panels available in India is between 13-19%.

The price of the system can depend on the warranties offered.
PV Panels - Industry standard warranty is
5-year manufacturer warranty
0-10 years for 90% of the rated output power
10-25 years for 80% of the rated output power

Government support
The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy provides central financial assistance through capital or interest subsidy depending on the nature of the applicant.