MindRush Day 2: From fit mind to fit economy

The second and final day of the Business Today Mind Rush 'fittingly' started with a session addressed by actor Milind Soman, who completed the 'Ironman Triathlon' held in Zurich, Switzerland, earlier this year.
Soman shared the secret of his healthy lifestyle with eager audiences. His suggestion to fitness freaks and those looking to delay the process of ageing is to not only work on the body, but also on the mind.
Bill Hawkins, leadership development expert and executive coach, shared his insights on how I-can-succeed mindset of the successful has its downsides.

The former Finance Minister P Chidambaram said the growth numbers were driven by low oil prices that overstated the GDP deflator and increased government expenditure.

He added that the7.2 per cent growth hides the nominal GDP growth of 6 per cent.

The opportunity for internet businesses is huge, considering the fact that the size of the Indian internet economy is $30 billion.

Limeroad Founder and CEO, Suchi Mukehrjee said that the huge difference between retail prices and manufacturing costs allows for a lot of disruption.

Susan Fowler, leadership and motivation expert said day-to-day motivation, where one's psychological needs are met, as opposed to one-time incentives are necessary to keep employees motivated.

Fowler's interactive session was not only a hit among the audience in attendance, her thoughts and words of wisdom were cheered on by Twitteratti too. Fowler was trending in India on Twitter.
The third edition of Mind Rush concluded on December 19, 2015 with renowned author Ashwin Sanghi's insightful session on how Chanakya's - touted to be the 'Pioneer Economist of India' - treatise on economy, politics and diplomacy is still relevant for today's businesses.