Quick Review - Sanyo XT-49S7100F full HD TV

BY Nidhi Singal

Japanese company Sanyo entered Indian market with a range of full HD LED TVs. With this launch, the company is trying to create an influx in high on specifications Led TV at competitive price that would not pinch the pocket. While we should not compare it with the offerings from established players such as Samsung, Sony, LG; it will also compete against the other Indian and Chinese players such as Micromax, VU, etc. 
This 49inch full HD LED TV looks good. Accompanied with a wall mount as well as a table stand, I was able to set it up in just a few minutes. I screwed the table stand, connected the source and it was ready to use. There are basic on/off channel change and volume controls on the rear of the panel and is also accompanied with a remote control.
The clarity on this full HD 49 inch Sanyo TV is pretty impressive the colours are bright and everything appears sharp and crisp. It even has preset modes for brightness and colour adjustments - standard, movie, soft, user, vivid and sports - which easily adjusts the colour according to the content you wish to watch. The refresh rate is also good. It does not compete in terms of clarity with the top of the line TVs but it does beat the offerings from Micromax for instance.
The TV scores full marks in the sound department. The speakers have been added towards the bottom on the panel. The audio is loud and clear and offers close to surround sound like experience. The sound is loud enough for a big room. The cinema and music mode further enhances the output and the speech mode comes handy while watching movies and shows with a lot of background noise or the content which does not have HD sound.
The Sanyo 49 inch full HDTV has got two USB ports as well as two HDMI ports at the rear. But if you plan to wall mount this TV, you have to invest in connectors and HDMI extender as the ports will be slightly hard to reach. And at times two HDMI ports might even be a bit less for connecting various sources. While testing I plugged in Google Chrome cast to the HDMI port and it took charge from the USB port. It was able to play content directly from 1TB harddisk as well. The only drawback for me was the design of the rear as the vents exposes innards which can easily collect dust and will be next to impossible to clean.