Jun 15 | 07:22 IST
Dhoni's every single run cost Rs 4.3 lakhs, while Kohli's cost Rs 4.8 lakhs in IPL 2017
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Cricketers get paid a lot of money in the Indian Premier League, but it does not guarantee how they will perform. Sometimes it is good investment, sometimes bad for team owners.  Here's a list of the highest  paid batsmen and the number of runs they scored. Even though the value of the player is not limited to the runs scored, we have taken the liberty to calculate what their every run was worth. To put it in perspective for readers, the lesser the cost for every single run, the more valuable the player to the team owners. Hence, star players such as Virat Kohli and M.S Dhoni were less valuable as compared to somebody like Suresh Raina who was paid less but scored more runs.
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