10 ways to cut down on your wedding expenses

Off-season wedding, maybe

In India, there's a wedding season - a season when most of the weddings take place. If you choose a date that falls in the wedding season, be prepared to shell out lots of money on everything, be it the venue, the pundit, or the food. However, if you choose a date that falls in the off season, you will be surprised by the discounted price of the wedding venues.

Think outside the box when it comes to venues.  The venue of your wedding is perhaps your biggest expense and hence needs to be tackled first. A big fat Indian wedding needs an opulent venue and they certainly don't come cheap. To plan your wedding on a budget, we suggest you start looking through these at least six months in advance. Try banquet halls or gardens which fall into your budget and are conveniently located for the guests. Booking ahead can fetch you a handsome discount. Or does a family member you know have a nice house, farm house, or backyard where you can arrange your wedding?
Invitation cards

Invitation cards can cost you a lot! Don't go for the renowned and famous card shops as they will anytime charge you more. Always do a little research online before reaching out to the shop. There are several not-so-famous shops with good and better designs and are also much cheaper. You can also design your own cards as there are plenty of such design lay outs available on internet. Keep your invitation cards simple and classy. And you can also invite your close friends and relatives by sending them mails rather than sending them invitation cards, it will help you cut down on the quantity of cards.


Keep your guest list crisp. Invite those people who are close to you and care about you. Your are likely to feel special when you spend it with people who genuinely care about you.
Weddings are synonymous with food in India. But, nobody is going to eat all the dishes available on the menu. Instead, keep a simple menu with enjoyable meals.

Decorations can burn a hole in your pocket. Try to avoid decorating your house too much and instead decorate it using some lights, flowers and some drapes; just a minimal yet elegant look. Keep the d├ęcor as simple as possible. It will not only save money but will also make your wedding look classier.

Locally renowned photo studios with top-rung photographers are usually expensive. Instead, look for freshers who are seeking for an opportunity to prove their potential and can be sure that they will work doubly hard to prove their mettle. You can have a look at their previous assignments to check if they are good.
Jewellery and wedding dress

Be it the wedding dress or the jewellery, none of it comes cheap. But you can still be smart about it. Instead of going for exclusive designer clothes, you can check out some of the branded stores that sell wedding attires. For jewelleries, it is the opposite. Branded stores may come expensive compared to local jeweller shops.

The clothes or other gifts you need to give to your relatives can be bought all at once from wholesale markets. Also, you should look for shops that are offering discounts..
Consolidated events

Indian weddings are known to have lots of events, and typically go on for several days. Each event will have it's own individual costs - venue, food, decoration etc. So try and think of where you can consolidate events for e.g. have a combined mehndi/sangeet or a combined wedding/reception.