10 buying tips and tricks for online shopping

1. Make use of that 'First Time User' discount offer

Make use of that new user discount coupon that websites offer when you register for the first time.

2. Give the return policies a second glance.

Be prepared and familiarize yourself with the return policies before you order. Things to look for- free returns, validity period for the return, refund policy, whether or not you can make exchanges.
3. Put your budget on the price filter

Restrict yourself with the budget first before you start looking for your favourite dress.
4. Check thoroughly on the 'Sale' page

Sale pages might bring you some luck as it includes things on discount. So if you are lucky enough to find your perfect match, you can save some money.
5. Follow your favourite online shopping website on social media

All e-commerce websites offers promotional discounts and make their shoppers aware of the last minute sales through their social media pages. So, keep track of these pages and follow them.
6. Download their 'App' as well

Some e-commerce websites work only on mobile apps and they are offering discounts on your first purchase if you download and register on their app.
7. Read the reviews before purchasing anything

Reading reviews and ratings can benefit you a lot while shopping for a particular product as users post genuine reviews of how the product is and whether you should buy it or not. It will help you understand whether the product is worth your money or not!
8. Put the things you like in the cart, decide for it later

Sometimes if you let the things you like in the cart, the website might come back to you with a discount for those items.
9. Never Ignore Security

When you are shopping online, most of the times you use online payment methods to make things even more convenient. Before doing so, you need to make sure that the website you are buying from offers 100% security with your online purchase.
10. Discount and coupon codes websites

There are several dedicated websites which offer discount codes that can be availed at specific shopping websites.